Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Thoughts that Will Save the World

I’ve Solved World Problems Pertaining to Politics, the Economy and Health

How about clonazepam (tranquilizer), midazolam (an amnesiac) and Dexatrim (an old appetite suppressant from the ‘70’s)...., an anti-anxiety/amnesiac that curbs hunger? We'll add pomegranate, Omega 3-6 (as well as 13 and 14 because we'll need those in our diet soon enough), Echinacea, ginkgo and fiber- maybe some St John’s Wort for completion. The yuppies will swoon; Oprah will plotz, Dr Phil will recommend it to everyone. Dr Oz will extol the virtues of what it does to your poop! It will be produced in a rainforest town and manufactured with new jobs given to the parents of children not yet adopted by Angelina or Madonna. Win-win!

Proceeds will be used to educate cultures not yet "Americanized" (those without the benefit of American propaganda media to tell them what they should/should not know/believe/think/wear/weigh. We will buy the newly employed, developing country workers TVs that only get FOX and CNBC (from there they can figure it out and fight amongst themselves as to which, if either, is really news.)

Education, jobs, stress relief, obesity and bad judgment recollection. Yep. I believe I’ve just solved some major world issues.

This Pinky and the Brain moment has been brought to you by Amnorexepam- The drug that makes you happy to forget to eat, and stress. Slogan not finalized.

Copyright Suki Eastman 2012

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